PR-101 Fast Track System 

3 Easy Steps to Getting MASSIVE Visibility

I'll Show You Step-by-Step:

How to Get Positioned as THE Expert in Your Niche (brand yourself and set yourself apart)

Secrets of Pitching the Media to Have Amazing Success (with specific pitching ideas you can use)

How to Get PR Famous Using Media (using traditional AND social media for MASSIVE exposure)

Imagine what just ONE media hit would do for your business?

This system will show you step-by-step exactly how!

Recent Results

Over 1 BILLION Views and Over $100 Million in SALES from FREE Publicity 

Module 1 - Becoming an Influencer (step-by-step how to turn yourself into an industry rockstar)

Module 2 - Making Yourself Newsworthy (themes and examples of how to stand out with the media)

Module 3 - Creating Great Hooks (exercises in creating great hooks so the media reads your pitch)

Module 4 - Finding the RIGHT Journalist (tips and tools to find the exact right journalist to pitch)

Module 5 - Bonus Module (all the extras you might need - resources, creating a press kit, gift guide tips, and more...)

3 Payments of $497  


One Payment of $997  


"I got 5 million dollar+ listings 6 weeks after I appeared in The Washington Post.”

Dustin Fox


Today, the Wall Street Journal reached out to me to comment on a story. She didn't use me for the query I pitched on, but now she's reached back to me. Why? Because of Christina. Because I've been consistent. Because of connecting with the writer on LinkedIn."


College Funding Coach

"You Know What Works for TV"

Laura Evans

Emmy® Award Winning News Anchor, FOX

"I left her training and made over $55,000 in commissions by using one thing I learned.”

Casey Samson


"My most recent successes include a 12-minute segment on Dr. Oz, being hired as an eHow video expert and landing 5 upcoming guest posts on other high-traffic sites including CNN, Reuters, and Livestrong.”

Jennifer Fugo

Gluten Free School