What if it was possible to…

  • Get your voice heard so people see YOU as highly credible, trustworthy and intelligent.
  • Close more sales with your speaking voice.
  • Inspire people to take action on what you have to say with your body language.


Welcome to
Speak from Your Power LIVE!


Just because you are confident in your business and expertise doesn’t mean it will catapult people into action on what you have to say.

And YOU deserve to get your voice heard.

Speak from your power is about getting nuanced training so that you become extraordinary, irresistible & unforgettable to clients, strategic partners, your team, and any audience you want to impact. 

This is a “Get Shit Done” Training for Purpose-Driven Business Owners and Speakers to Get Their Voices Heard, Increase Influence & Build Their Revenue by Speaking From Their Power.

Interactive One-Day Training

Los Angeles ~ March 25th, 2022

with Cindy Ashton & Christina Daves

Is this training for you? Well… first, check in with yourself. Do you experience one or more of the following:

  • You share your thoughts but you don’t feel like you are being heard or taken seriously
  • You sometimes walk away from a sale or negotiation or conversation feeling like you lost control of the conversation or compromised too much
  • You have success in your business but know you want to have a bigger impact
  • You know the sales process and maybe even have strong sales but know you could be closing more and without having to work as hard
  • You are confident in your presentation style but know that you are ready to be seen as an influencer or get recognized as one of the top in your field

If you experience one or more of these things, then this training is for you. Keep reading…

How is this different than other speaking training?

  • The current world climate is very intense. It is easy to lose our power, make poor choices and struggle with presenting from power.

    This training will address how stress affects your body language, speaking voice, presence and ability to speak from your power from a scientific perspective as well as give you the tools to let go of the stresses of the world and get back into your power.

  • Learning to be confident in how you show up, doesn't necessarily mean you will move people into action. It just means that people will no longer see you as insecure, meek or unsure of yourself.

    To speak from your power and truly get your voice heard requires a different skill set - which is what this training day is all about.

  • Business has changed drastically in the past few years between the political unrest, social / cultural changes and the pandemic. People are highly triggered which makes it more challenging to navigate effective communication.

    With role playing and though observing and participating in the hot seat coaching, you will learn how to build trust, rapport and connection.

The day will be filled with a fabulous combination of...

Hands on body language, speaking voice and presence techniques you can use in every part of your business.

Interactive activities to learn how to read other people's energy, body language and behavior and be able to build trust and rapport.

Role playing to practice and implement the speak from your power techniques you learn.

Hot seats to gain strategies on how to position and communicate your message from your power.

WARNING: This is going to be SO much fun... if you don't like having fun, this isn't for you!

Speak From Your Power Training

  • Develop your presence in a way that draws people to you... without even saying a word.
  • Learn vocal dynamics and energy tactics to keep people listening to every word.  
  • Understand how to use visual and emotional anchors to drive people into action.
  • Learn body language tactics to captivate and command any room with power and truthfulness.
  • Have the ability to mesmerize prospects, audiences and listeners in a matter of moments.
  • Structure the flow of your content to establish you as the top expert in your field & create the desire to buy from you and hire you repeatedly. 
  • Read other people’s body language and adjust your presentation style to influence them.

Hot Seat Coaching

During the live event, you will have the opportunity to take the ‘stage’ at the front of the room to be coached on one of the following:

  • 1-2-minute talk or elevator pitch
  • Media interview
  • Sales or networking conversation

Note: you are NOT required to be in the hot seat. You can choose if you want to only observe or if you want to be in the hot seat.

35+ combined years of real world experience & client results speak for themselves…

Your trainers Cindy Ashton, Presentation Strategist and Christina Daves, PR Strategist won't just be talking at you, they will create an interactive, engaging experience of what works, what doesn't and show you step-by-step how to speak from your power!

This small group training has been taught for years by Cindy and now Christina will be adding in her PR expertise to give you that extra edge when you are speaking in the media.

Cindy Ashton

Your voice, your ideas, your mission matter. What you have to say deserves to be heard so you can make the impact you long to. I know this all too well from personal experience.  I was born with a 20% chance of living, heart failure and structural damage on the left side. 14 surgeries and a lifetime of living with chronic illness later, I tried to advocate for myself... but wasn't heard because people couldn't SEE the illness.

This early childhood experience fueled my mission to dedicate my life to learning the art, craft and science of everything to do with getting your voice heard, presentation and influence.

I have gone on to be an Award-Winning TV host, performer, speaker and presentation trainer who has worked with Broadway professionals, Emmy® winners, the world's top speakers and more.

And, I have had the absolute joy and privilege to train over 1 million business owners, speakers and professionals in speaking from their power.

Christina Daves

Learning how to position and deliver your message for your target clients is a game changer in making a bigger impact. In 2010, I invented a product, fashion accessories for medical boots. Everyone loved the concept but what I didn’t consider was that I had created an entirely new space in the marketplace. No one knew they “needed” to decorate their boots.

I became a DIY-PR expert. In my first year in business I appeared in over 50 media outlets including The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, and my local FOX and NBC stations. Since then, I’ve appeared in over 1,000 media outlets, have become an on-air host and even have a regular segment on Good Morning Washington.

I know what learning how to speak your message, especially in the media, can do for your business. My clients use the credibility and authority that comes with delivering the right message on the right platforms to grow their business tremendously.

They walk this walk every single day in their businesses!

Who better to show YOU how to do exactly what they do.... than them?

What our clients have to say:

"Cindy, I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to go to other programs and I didn’t get what I got from my first meeting with you. This is different. This is the real deal. You understand the process behind speaking and how to make money at it. It’s about sales conversions as well as speaking training. It’s about how you use voice, body language, story and messaging in all parts of your business, not just on stage. There are a lot of people who talk about speaking but they don’t know how to teach it. With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now." 

Doug Brown, Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins

"I have had speaking training – I knew the routine of speaking. Cindy, you come from a different aspect as you are a performer. The performance part is how I take my body, not from a methodical standpoint but to enable my presence to become authentic, vibrant and engage my audience. I am able to captivate and convert and use my voice so that the audience I am speaking to, wants to work with me. I love working with you, it's transformational and fun! "

- Claudia Harvey, CEO of Dig It (partnered with Kevin O’Leary)

"I knew the sales process inside and out but was only getting average results. After only 5 sessions with Cindy Ashton, my close rate doubled. The missing piece was how to present myself in a way that forms a deeper connection with my prospects so they feel compelled to buy. She really is the go-to woman for excellent results."

- Paul Fernandez, CEO and Designer at Kitchen Koncierge

Pricing and Details Coming Soon!

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""Cindy Ashton is a dynamic speaker coach. Since I have been working with her, my ability to command the stage and convert sales has gone up at least 200%. I am way more comfortable and confident on stage and on camera and my talks and videos have a flow that gets my message across with clarity that captivates the audience.   It has been so much fun to work with her and I love how she brings in her unconventional style and pulls out the best in me and does not try to make me fit a mold."  

Dana Pharant, Trusted Advisor and Business Performance Coach

"Since training with Cindy, I am noticing that people are listening to me more and I am feeling more heard and respected. She was able to pinpoint exactly what was constricting my voice, both physically and emotionally, and give me the exercises I needed. Her insights helped me address fears I didn't know I had, and I was amazed at how quickly my resonance and range expanded, along with my self-awareness and understanding of how past beliefs were keeping me literally silent. I highly recommend Cindy for all aspects of voice coaching, whether you plan to stand up in front of thousands, be a better presenter in your business or simply free your speaking voice for your own purposes."

- Lise Brenner, Writer, Editor and Communication Specialist

 "As a speaker from stage, I have had the opportunity to train with some really great speakers but Cindy took it to a whole new level. She brought it to how to present on stage from a connection with the audience standpoint - how to get deep inside yourself, how to feel the stage, how to feel the audience and resonate yourself and your skills to the people you are presenting it to. It has been a phenomenal time. I know it will increase my conversions rate." 

- Craig Dunkerley, CEO & Partner, BG Wealth Group, Investor, Speaker & Multi-Business Owner

Pricing & Details Coming Soon

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Refund Policy: There are no refunds as we have limited spaces and as it is a commitment to your personal and business growth. However you can transfer your ticket to another person should you need to.