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Discover what happens when tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people learn about you and your business.


  • Get your business or product seen by thousands, even millions on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines. 


  • Build HUGE credibility that comes automatically when you feature "as seen on" media logos on your website and you can link to top media outlets. 


  • Be seen by thousands of new potential customers on a regular basis and build your lead network through media exposure.


  • Share your message with the world, and become known as THE industry expert in your field.

Meet Christina Daves, do-it-yourself publicity expert. Having invented a product and desperate to sell it, Christina figured out how to get free publicity. She's appeared on TODAY, the Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, Bloomberg, Entreprenuer, and 100's more.

Christina is a best-selling author on the topic and has a regular segment on Good Morning Washington (ABC). She not only does this for her own business, she also teaches other business owners how to have the same success. Together with her students and clients, Christina has generated over 8 figures in sales from free publicity.

Christina has been seen in over 1000 media outlets and she will show you how to do the same!


Visibility VIP's is for anyone looking to get in front of more potential customers. Learning to get visibility allows more people to know about your business and that means more customers or clients.

Whether you sell a service like real estate, insurance, or financial planning, or you own a brick and mortar business, you've invented a product, written a book, or provide coaching services... 

Visibility VIP's is for any business looking to get customers in the door.

Knowledge is power and learning how to get visiblity will be a gamechanger for your business!  


Kay Bransford, MemoryBanc, Dr. Oz

"I was inspired to implement several of the tips Christina shared during her course. The tactics I learned have resulted in publicity – this is worth your time and money if you believe media exposure is of value to your business."

Kay appeared on Dr. Oz discussing dementia in aging parents.

Dr. Marcie Beigel, Behavior & Beyond, FOX NEWS 

With the help from Christina Daves, I landed my first column today!! Her encouragement and enthusiasm moved me from writing my own personal blog on my own website to landing a column in a magazine! She not only suggested the right media outlets, but provided specific guidance on how and when to make the pitches. 

Dr. Marcie was featured on multiple national media outlets during the 2016 Presidental election as THE expert on talking to children about the election.

Jody Harris, ZippedMe, CBS 

"I am so fortunate that I was introduced to Christina Daves with PR for Anyone. In a very short time Christina was able to get my product ZippedMe exposed on national media which has increased my sales and given me a positive rate of return. If you are looking for immediate exposure for your product, then you need to get in touch with Christina.”

Jody was featured on CBS in Tulsa and a FOX segment that was syndicated across the U.S.

Matt Curry, Entrepreneur & Author, NBC

Matt Curry, Entrepreneuer, was featured on WRC4/NBC about his book, The A.D.D. Entrepreneuer. This segment was syndicated in 30 NBC markets across the country.

Jennifer Fugo, Gluten Free School, Dr. Oz

PR for Anyone™ has convinced me that reaching out to the press really isn’t so difficult or scary. Nor are there gigantic hurdles standing in my way! I finally understand how, when and whom to pitch which has led to me seeing results that really mean something. 

This was a 12-minute segment on Dr. Oz that led to Jennifer's establishment as a preeminent expert in the Gluten Free space.


  • HOW TO GET FAMOUS WITH PR - Live Group Q & A with Christina (every other week) VALUE - $1000  
  • GET FAMOUS TRAINING - Provided by Christina or a VIP Guest (on top subjects like: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook ads, SEO, content, affiliate marketing, opt-ins, list building, speaking, sponsorship, and MUCH more...) (every other week) VALUE - $5000  
  • EXPOSURE ENHANCEMENT - Regular action steps to grow your visibility VALUE - $500  
  • HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT - Full access to Christina via the private Facebook group VALUE - $3500  
  • POLISH YOUR PITCH WITH THE PROS - Unique opportunities to pitch yourself to guest media experts VALUE - $1000  
  • GET FAMOUS TOOLS AND TEMPLATES - Access to proven tools and high-visibility templates including Christina's proprietary Get Famous Formula VALUE - $1000  
  • QUARTERLY PR MAKE-OVER - Feedback on website, social media platforms, etc. VALUE - $500 

Worth Over $12,500/month  

Get Started Today for Only $157/month  


Cedric Stewart Keller Williams

“The success I’ve realized as a result of taking Christina's course is nothing short of incredible. Initially, applying the strategies for 3 ½ months resulted in nearly 30 features as the Real Estate Expert. 

In the first week of October, I appeared in, Women’s Health Magazine, and the Washington Post. Christina has changed my life.”

Charlie Donaldson College Funding Advisor  

"So, I've been diligently reviewing and responding to relevant HARO queries since doing this challenge. I've gotten quoted in 4 or 5 articles. I haven't heard back from many pitches I've sent out.

Today, the Wall Street Journal reached out to me to comment on a story. She didn't use me for the query I pitched on, but now she's reached back to me. Why? Because of Christina. Because I've been consistent. Because of connecting with the writer on LinkedIn."

Kristine Carlson Best Selling Author Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

2017 was the 20th Anniversary of the best selling Don't Sweat the Small Stuff book series. Among other media outlets, the books were featured in Oxygen Magazine.

Mike Higgins Realtor®

"Just want to say thanks for all the help and content that you have put out. Just recently was published in my third article which was of all places. Felt like this one was a big one for me..."

Cammi Balleck, PhD

"I worked with Christina and PR for Anyone® in refining my media pitches to attract more national coverage. In less than a month my article idea was a feature on the cover of First Magazine"

Dustin Fox Pearson Smith

"I was published in the Washington Post within a month of pitching my story idea. 

This resulted in acquiring 5 million dollar+ listings in six weeks!"


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